Forcadell arrives at BMP 2018 with new services and inmmersed in the Proptech transformation
  • The Catalan Real Estate Consulting Firm attends the 22nd edition of the Barcelona Meeting Point exhibit with its own stand (CL-10) in the Cluster Luxury Real Estate.

  • Forcadell expands its services offer in order to adapt to the current needs of the sector and will present them in the BMP’18 setting.

  • As a tech hub, Forcadell has launched several successful projects so far, among which is the myFunding platform, which will be re-launched under the name PropCrowd.

Barcelona, 22/10/2018 - Forcadell will attend its annual appointment at the international Real Estate exhibit Barcelona Meeting Point, which reaches its 22nd edition this year. The Consulting Firm’s latest developments are related with its new services and territorial expansion, within a process of crossover technological transformation. ”Forcadell stands by its clients at key moments in their lives, managing their communities, their rents, selling their homes, their retail or office premises. With its 60 years of history and a long way to go, a future ahead of challenges, mainly focused on Proptech, diversifying services and growing in the territory with new offices”, emphasizes Ivan Baqué, CEO and partner of Forcadell.

Forcadell, celebrating its 60th anniversary this year 2018, presented at the international BMP setting its department of Land and New Construction to enhance the services of its Real Estate Asset Management and Consulting departments. Deriving from a Project Management strategy, and prioritizing energy efficiency in buildings, this new service will allow the Company to make a qualitative leap to provide current real estate solutions for promoters, REITs and investment funds. Located at their stand in the Cluster Luxury Real Estate (stand CL-10), all the professionals and individual customers will be attended by the different experts from the consulting firm to offer personalized advice.

Furthermore, regarding the industrial-logistics sector, Forcadell has expanded its logistics portfolio, closely related to e-commerce growth and development. In Offices, its portfolio has also increased, due to the new services specialized in buildings for coworking companies, while Retail has opened a department specializing in real estate advice for the Restaurant and Bars segment, the sector known as “Restauración” in Spanish. Forcadell will also offer information and advice to its clients about Community of Owners Management, a service it has traditionally been offering since the early stages of its inception, which brings together a large volume of costumers, many of them with strong links to the Company for many years.

“Many of our clients placed their trust in us many years ago, and since then we have been growing together. In addition to our extensive portfolios in the Corporate Real Estate and Asset Managment departments, in the Residential area of Forcadell we have a large listing of properties under the Forcadell Suite brand” adds Ivan Vaqué.

Forcadell is at a key moment in its business strategy. On the one hand, the Company continues to grow in the territory and will soon open its own office in Sabadell, compiling its coverage in the Vallès area. On the other hand, the Company is in the process of digital transformation and innovation. As a technological hub, Forcadell has launched projects such as myFunding, which has had a very positive evolution and great success, leading to its re-launch under the brand PropCrowd. This event will take place within the framework of the Barcelona Meeting Point exhibit.

Of special importance is the participation of Mireia García, Director of the Innovation department of Forcadell in the round table Real Estate Fintech (25.10 from 11:30h to 13:00h). García, expert in innovation, transformation and customer experience will share her vision and knowledge to discuss the evolution of the real estate sector and new technologies.

Beyond the strictly professional, the exhibit has complementary activities to offer a richer experience to its visitors, such as helicopter flights through Barcelona or a Networking Lunch by Nandu Jubany. The 2017 edition of the Barcelona Meeting Point brought together close to 35.000 visitors and more than 16.000 professionals. These numbers together with the favourable perspective of the sector forecast that in 2018 figures will be as just as good or even better those of previous years.

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