Forcadell confirms its commitment towards innovation launching the myFunding platform

We introduce myFunding, a digital tool through which any investor -professional or non-professional- can participate in real estate investment projects managed by Forcadell and offered by the Sharing Financial Platform Stockcrowd IN, authorized by the National Stock Market Comission (CNMV) and pending for registration.

myFunding democratizes access to real estate yields, allowing investors to enter this market with total guaranteed security advised by Forcadell’s expert professionals. Through a  minimum contribution of €300, investors can obtain a greater profit for their savings. Once registered in the platform, they just have to select the opportunity that best suits their needs and decide which quantity to invest. Forcadell will ensure at all times for the viability of the real estate products offered through myFunding. According to Ivan Vaqué, Partner-CEO of Forcadell,” the launching of myFunding represents an important challenge for Forcadell, necessary to democratize real estate investment.”

Different real estate promoters have offered Forcadell the management of properties with great potential which might or might not need some type of restoration or rehabilitation to increase their market value. In this sense, Forcadell works so that all myFunding opportunities generate the greatest possible profit and that, after commercialization, it will be divided among all investors.

After the launch of myFunding's first investment opportunity focused on a residential property in Sants-Montjuïc, the platform currently presents a new opportunity based on a commercial premise located in a central main street in Barcelona.

About StockCrowd IN

StockCrowd IN is a Sharing Financial Platform (PFP) that connects companies with investors so they can finance their projects. StockCrowd IN is a PFP authorized by the National Stock Market Comission (CNMV) and pending for registration.

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