Forcadell consolidates its involvement in the neighborhoods of Barcelona

For the past year and a half that they have been operating, the Forpunt offices of Forcadell are fully integrated in the Sants - Las Corts, Sarriá and Sant Gervasi neighborhoods. The trust in the Forcadell brand has been one of the key factors of success and this year there are programmed conferences in each of the offices to update the neighbors about the current real estate situation in each area.

In June 2015 the Forpunt Proximity Offices project began. New projects, when planned with motivation and dedication have every reason to evolve successfully. And that's how it has worked for the Forpunts. Forcadell has always been clear that the most important fact are the people, whether customers or employees, and that listening is essential to generate the precious link of trust.

To celebrate the first year of the Forpunts, last September the consultant firm organized three informative sessions in 3 different days, one for each of the offices, with the assistance of Mr. Gonzalo Bernardos, PhD in Economics from the University of Barcelona. The neighbors who attended the conference in their neighborhood were able to learn about the characteristics of the real estate market in their area and the basic issues that need to be known for the proper functioning of a community of owners.

This year, Forcadell will repeat these informative sessions, due to the large audience and the interest shown by the neighbors. Once the dates and locations are confirmed, the neighbors of Sants - Las Corts, Sarriá and Sant Gervasi will be informed. The experience of the consultant firm in the different neighborhoods throughout this implementation of the Forpunt allows that advice to clients be more precise and to measure.

The real estate consultants of the 3 Forpunt offices have a wide experience in the sector, they know that each client is unique and that a good advice is much more than a correct management. The different offices have been seamlessly integrated in their respective neighborhoods and the neighbors have been able to appreciate Forcadell's willingness to turn them into something more than real estate service points.

Forcadell knows that every client has a personal history and offering professional, agile and effective advice is imperative. It is precisely the fact of taking care of these aspects that make customers decide to go back to Forcadell when they need real estate advice again, because they fully trust their professionalism. Although the service of commercialization of homes for rent and sale is the most popular and demand, the Forpunt offers all its clients the wide range of services available in the company, becoming a point of liaison with the headquarters in Barcelona.


Sants - Les Corts, a dynamic neighborhood

The first opening of a Forpunt office was the one in the Sants - Les Corts neighborhood in Calle Berlin, 26.It has established very important link with neighbors, having a close relationship with them "Little by little they have met us and they greet us every time they pass by", emphasizes Brugués Ràfols, real estate assistant manager of the Sants - Las Cortes office. Some of them are now customers and "at the time they decided to commercialise their home with Forcadell precisely because of the trust that the brand transmits," adds Brugués. Many also consider it a "good idea" to open a Forcadell office in their neighborhood because this way they dont have to go all the way to the busy city center to the company's headquarters.

This Forpunt is located between 2 emblematic neighborhoods like Sants and Les Corts and the fact of being very near the Estación de Sants (the International Train Station of Barcelona) transforms this location into an area with a high traffic of pedestrians. "We have clients who need insurance, others who are looking for a new administrator for their community of owners and others who, for example, are storekeepers and want a commercial space to expand their business. To all of them we facilitate the contact with the professional specialists of each area so that they can obtain advice that gives them professional answers adjusted to their needs ", emphasizes Brugués.


Sarriá, a charming residential area

The neighborhood of Sarriá stands out for its tranquility, "like a small town within the big city. It's a different neighborhood with a lot of magic, with lots of green spaces, where everyone knows each other," says Núria Miguel, assistant manager of the Forpunt in Sarriá neighborhood in calle Santa Amèlia, 35. The residents of the neighborhood have lived here all their lives and are used to come across people who are well known in the city, from all different areas of society.

"They welcomed us warmly to their neighborhood, and now they know who we are and what it is we are doing in the area. In fact, they usually come to greet us and if they have any doubts, they come to talk with us and seek our advice. Many neighbors tell us that they know the Forcadell brand, for example, because we are the administrators of their Community of Owners ", adds the Núria, this service being a characteristic of the origins of the company."Most of our clients are looking for flats, commercial premises, offices or industrial buildings. They value the professionalism of Forcadell, the wide variety of real estate services that they have at their disposal, as well as the convenience at the time to carry out the steps they need. "


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