Integral restoration of a property in the Paral.lel Avenue in Barcelona

New project of integral restoration of a property in the centre of Barcelona, close to the landmark Avenue Paral.lel.This flat had become obsolete, requiring an overall upgrade and structural modifications.

The renovation presented the unforseen event that squatters had entered the property. They were swiftly vacated from the premises thanks to the installation of a temporary alarm that FORVI always uses in such cases, when the property remains empty during the development of the project.

The 65 sqm flat, which has 2 bedrooms (one of them with no exterior windows), one guest toilet and one bathroom, accessed directly from the kitchen. The gas, electricity and water supplies, dating back to when the building was constructed, needed being substituted by new ones for security reasons, and adapted to current regulations.

This project, developed by FORVI, Forcadell’s Technical Office, had 3 main objectives: modify the distribution of the property to achieve its full potential, maintain the traditional “volta catalana” ceilings and provide light and more ventilation to the inner bedroom. In order to get this done, the following actions were been taken:

  • Integral renovation of the bathroom to include the WC, that was previously located in a small space annexed to the kitchen

  • Restore the “volta catalana” ceilings

  • Incorporate a lighting system integrated into the wooden beams

  • Open an interior window at the ceiling height to introduce the light of the dining room in the inner bedroom

For the kitchen renovation, the choice was for a modern design with square white tiles to offer luminosity to the room and a distribution that aimed to make the most of the available space. As for the bathroom refurbishment, the floor tiles installed were inspired in the traditional “hydraulic floors” in the Eixample neighbourhood. 

Given it was not possible to maintain the original floorings of the property, dark wood flooring platforms were chosen, integrating  them with the “volta catalana “ceilings and the exposed bricks walls providing a distinctive touch to the living room.

Living in a modern and comfortable home which fulfills our needs is fundamental to our well-being. If you are thinking of renovating your property, do not hesitate to ask for a quote so that FORVI professionals can show you the full potential of your home.

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