The hiring of logistic warehouses has balanced out between the 3 crowns

Just as in the Q2 2017 the 2nd crown was leading the logistic sector in take-up volume as well as in the number of transactions closed, in the Q3 the logistic market has balanced out more evenly geographically speaking. Between July and September 2017 there have been transactions registered in all the crowns, being distributed as follows: 3 in the first crown, 2 in the second and 3 in the third. Regarding take-up volume during Q3 2017 - 77,914 sqm in total - 27% belonged to the 1st crown, 24% to the second and another 24% to the third.

The take-up of logistic warehouses in the Q3 amounts to a total annual of 313.914 sqm, an inferior figure than the previous year, due to the fact that in Q2 2016, 63.000 sqm were exceptionally computed in the Amazon transaction in El Prat de Llobregat. This decrease predicts that taking into account the ongoing transactions, the year will end with a figure of less than 500.000 sqm.

The average take-up in Q3 2017 has been 9.739 sqm. Only 25% of closed transactions in this period have exceeded 10.000 sqm. The most relevant case of the year has been the Naeko transaction, where 20.000 sqm have been leased in La Bisbal del Penedès (Tarragona)


Para descargar el resumen ejecutivo del mercado logístico en Catalunya haga clic aquí.

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