Solidarity record in the campaign 'Una Poma per la Vida'

The solidarity campaign "Una Poma per la Vida" (“An apple for life”) has managed to break a new record of solidarity in its fight to improve the employability of people with multiple sclerosis. In line with the framework of the company's Corporate Social Responsibility policy, Forcadell participated in this successful solidarity campaign organized by the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Thanks to the donation of one and a half euro for each apple of solidarity, the foundation has been able to raise a total of 85,247 euros, which will go to the FEM Feina program, which promotes employability skills among people with multiple sclerosis.

“In Forcadell we have a firm commitment to social solidarity and that is why we are contribute in corporate social responsibility actions such as the Una Poma per la Vida solidarity campaign” explains Mireia Vila, partner and Chief Administrative Officer of the company. "we believe that with the sum of all the small actions and cooperation of everyone, great changes can be achieved and the success that Una Poma per la Vida has had is a great example"

"Una Poma per la Vida" has sold a total of 56,829 apples in just two days, 13% more than last year. The foundation wants to thank all those people and companies that contributed and played their part in the fight against this disease; specifically, they want to give 56,829 thanks.

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