Rentors and Forcadell launch PropCrowd, a real estate crowfunding startup
  • The startup, which is already targeting several properties in Barcelona, will take advantage of the Barcelona Meeting Point event to introduce itself to the professionals of the sector.

  • The PropCrowd initiative emerged from a real estate crowdfunding project led by Forcadell that was very successful, proving individual consumers were especially interested in this type of investment

Barcelona, 24/10/2018 - Rentors, the company created by the founders of HiGuests, and Forcadell are making a firm commitment into real estate crowdfunding and are launching PropCrowd. This startup, which will take advantage of the Barcelona Meeting Point event to make its presentation to real estate professionals, emerges with the aim of facilitating real estate investment through crowdfunding, providing a variety of product typologies and a wide array of geographical distribution. As a partner of the project, StockCrowd IN, a Platform for financial participation, certified by the Securities and Exchanges Commission (CNMV), will enable the technological and legal framework in which the projects are financed.

PropCrowd is a real estate collective platform that allows for professionals and private consumers alike to invest in a safe, simple and diversified way starting from just €100. The startup, which has targeted several properties in Barcelona -one of them being a Residential home close to the Barcelona Harbour area (Puerto de Barcelona)- will offer different return terms, from 6 to 12 months, and the option to collect rent monthly, with savings opportunities from 3 to 5 years. According to Miki Manzanas, co-founder and CEO of the startup, “PropCrowd ultimately allows you to become co-owner of one or several properties, with a small economic contribution.”

The real estate company Forcadell strengthens with this project its firm intent towards the digitalization and innovation of the sector. The consulting firm, which in 2018 celebrates its 60th anniversary, will provide the market know-how and the portfolio of investors from myFunding, an online crowdfunding platform crated at the beginning of the year with the partnership of StockCrowd IN. The platform had a great success with the Diagonal 440 property: this project collected and cashed 100% of its target in just 20 days -10 days before the deadline- obtaining a greater annual yield for investors than expected: 52% as opposed to the initial 12,2 %.

As a benchmark of real estate consulting firms, Forcadell will also provide its market know-how in identifying real estate opportunities,  and in renting and selling properties. According to Ivan Vaqué, CEO and partner of Forcadell, “After the success reached by myFunding and the positive recognition given by the public, we are making a firm commitment for this format, improving it and making it grow. We know there is a market which is very interested in investing in real estate through crowdfunding.”

Rentors is a platform with its headquarters in Dubai which allows to invest in temporary rental properties through crowdfunding. It is backed up by the successful startup HiGuests, not only because it has been created by the same founders, but also because it is this same company-HiGuests- that manages the rental of the properties in which the Rentors Community invest.

HiGuests is a platform for owners and managers of holiday properties, specialized in marketing and sales features, yield management, reservations, etc. The company was one of the five Spanish startups that entered the semi-finals of the WTO (World Tourist Organization) last October, where more than 3.000 startups belonging to more than a hundred countries entered the contest. In PropCrowd, HiGuests’ contribution will revolve around providing knowledge and technological tools, giving geographical coverage to the startup and its model for temporary rentals.

PropCrowd works with a safe and transparent concept with its partner StockCrowd IN and the payment gateway Lemonway, an independent service for direct payments registered and authorized by the Bank of Spain, offering secure payment solutions for finance platforms, e-commerce and crowdfunding.


“How to invest with €100” is the title of the presentation with which Miki Manzanas, co-founder and CEO of PropCrowd is introducing the startup in the Barcelona Meeting Point (BMP). The presentation will take place next Saturday 27 October, in the Palacio 8 of the Fira de Barcelona at 13.10h in the event organized by BMP Techtalks, a series of chats which will revolve around technology applied to the real estate sector.

The startup, with the URL has its offices at Pier 01 – Barcelona Tech City and at a storefront premise in Amigó 49. From these two locations, the PropCrowd team will manage the investment processes and will attend its clients face-to-face.



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