The Catalan industrial-logistics sector in Q3 2018 exceeds the total take-up volume registered in the whole of 2017
  • The Catalan industrial-logistics sector in Q3 2018 exceeds the total take-up volume registered in the whole of 2018

The Catalan industrial-logistics sector has closed the 3rd quarter with a 99.557 sqm take-up volume, a figure 28% higher respect the same period in 2017 which was 77.914 sqm. The annual total stands at 486.946 sqm, a figure that largely exceeds the total take-up of the past year. The combination of the 3 first quarters of 2018 have set records since it is the highest figure of the last 3 years and it is 55% higher respect the same period in 2017. 

Aligned with the geographical distribution of transactions throughout 2017 and the first half-year of 2018, the 2nd Crown of Barcelona leads with 47% of transactions, which means a total of 7 contracts signed and  a take-up  volume of 43.216 sqm and followed by the 1st Crown with 40% of transactions and 43.216 of take-up volume. The 3rd Crown, in 3rd position, has 13% of transactions and a total of 6.000 sqm located in the region of Tarragona.

According to Gerard Plana, Director of the Industrial-Logistics Department of Forcadell, “new construction projects continue to counterbalance the lack of available space”. In fact, 7 of the 15 contracts registered in the 3rd quarter have been of new construction or turn-key transactions.

One of the most relevant business settlements of the Q3 has been the construction of a warehouse by Henkel in the municipality of Montornès del Vallès (2nd Crown).It is also worth highlighting the lease by Mercadona of the 13.520 sqm warehouse that Goodman has built in the Zona franca of Barcelona (1st Crown) to service the online orders of the company.

Rents tend towards stability although they still register slight increases in asking rents. According to the Forcadell Market Report, rents in the 1st Crown reach €7/sqm/month  and in the 2nd Crown the maximum price stands at €6/sqm/month.The 3rd Crown maintains a price range between €3,5 to €4/sqm/month.

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