Forcadell celebrates 60 years

Forcadell celebrates 60 years of corporate history in the real estate sector and for this purpose at the end of April began an omnichannel communication and marketing campaign visible throughout different media over the next two months. These actions will consolidate the Forcadell Real Estate Consultants brand and its wide range of services in real estate.

The main centre of the campaign is an ad that has been broadcasted on the TV3 and 8TV channels as of April 25. The rest of adaptations and formats are derived from this ad to promote the services of the different areas of performance of the company, both in digital media and in the press.

The company was established in 75 Tallers street by Salvador Forcadell and Carme Company, focusing in administration and purchase-sale of homes and retail properties. Forcadell still maintains its essence as a Family Business today, with the 2nd generation represented by Carles Vila and Carme Forcadell, driving the company towards growth. Currently, Iván Vaqué, CEO of the company and Mireia Vila, Chief Administrative Officer, represent the third generation, boosting Forcadell towards digitalization and disruption.

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