Valuations - Appraisals

A real estate valuation or appraisal is an objective and methodological analysis process which indicates the current market value - sales or letting value - of a particular real estate.

Forcadell carries out the valuations following criteria of impartiality and maximum strictness, understanding the importance of their results in the investment/disinvestment process, property Management, inheritances, partitions, documentation of operations between associated companies, corporate merging and acquisition operations, account updates and tax matters, amongst other purposes. 

The main methods used by our consultants are the ones set forth in the ORDER ECO/805/2003, of 27th of March, on property appraisal regulations: the cost method, the comparison method or the comparable uncontrolled price and the updating through income capitalisation.


The Valuation - Appraisal service includes:

Preliminary phase:

Executive phase:


Content type of our valuation reports:

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