E-commerce and new construction warehouses lead the Industrial/Logistics sector in H1 2018

The upsurge of e-commerce and the lack of logistic warehouses are increasing the pace in these type of constructions in order to meet the demand of the companies of the sector.

The take-up volume in Q2 2018 for logistic warehouses has reached 201.407 sqm, a 79% increase respect the same period last year. This result offers a semi-annual total of 387.389 sqm for this year, reflecting a 64% increase respect H1 2017. These are very positive numbers, similar to the ones registered in 2015 which were already record figures.

In the second quarter of the year, 7 of 17 industrial/logistics deals were turnkey transactions, an indication of the lack of available logistic warehouses. Of that number, 57 % of the total 115.105 sqm have been tailor-made to the specific requirements of the future tenant. Currently e-commerce continues to have a high impact in take-up volume, due to the fact that practically half of the sqm volume transacted this quarter has a direct connection to this market segment. According to Gerard Plana, Director of the Forcadell Industrial-Logistics Department“the turnkey format has prevailed all through the Q2 2018 due to the obvious lack of available logistic space. This trend, together with the take-up of warehouses through speculative construction, is expected to carry on through the upcoming quarters, as long as the current vacancy level remains the same.”

Regarding transactions, the Q2 2018 has registered activity in all the Crowns in Barcelona, with the 2nd Crown gathering the most, 10 in all and a take-up volume of 108.268 sqm. On the one hand, the Baix Llobregat registered 4 transactions and the Vallès Oriental and Vallès Occidental 3 each. On the other hand, the 1st Crown registered logistic 4 transactions in the Barcelonès region and in the 3rd Crown there were 3 transactions, 1 in the province of Tarragona, 1 in Girona and one in the Barcelona region of Bagès.

Rents have continued regis tering the highest figures of the last quarters, €6,75/sqm/month for triple A warehouses in the first Crown, €5/sqm/month in the 2nd Crown and 3, 5 and 4 in the 3rd Crown. 


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